The game of roulette is a gambling game and involves a player making a bet on a number, group of numbers or on the compartment color red or black; all of which are contained within compartments in a revolving wheel, using a small ball. The word “roulette” is of French origin and means small or little wheel. It is a game of chance and luck, with players guessing the number on which the ball would come to rest when the wheel table stops spinning. It is played around the world in casinos.

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Types of Roulette

Brief History of Roulette

It is believed that the game was first invented by French mathematician Blaise Pascal in the 17th century and by the Chinese from whom Dominican monks transferred it over to France. In realty, the first form of roulette was made in France in, 18th century. It is similar to the Italian Biribi and was gotten from the gaming wheel that was invented in the year 1720.

The game of roulette has been played in its present form, since as early as 1796,. After several modifications, the game achieved it’s a present layout which consists of red for the single zero and for the double zeros black, around 1790. Starting in the 1800s, to avoid confusion, the color green was chosen for the zeros in roulette wheels. Roulette was banned in France from 1836 to 1933.

In the 19 century, roulette spread all over Europe and US making the game one of the popular in casinos. In the 1970s it began to make name around the world. The first online casino was invented in 1996 and created an opportunity for people to play roulette online. By 2008, several hundreds of casinos were making it possible for roulette games to be played around the world.

How to Play Roulette Online

To begin, the player has to first access the site that they want to play the game of online roulette. Some sites that roulette can be played are:

  • Red Dog Casino;
  • Bovada;
  • The Sun Vegas;
  • Spin Casino;
  • CSGOEmpire.

When you have accessed the site you want to use, do not let yourself be fazed or feel like you cannot play the game.

  1. You start out by picking one or more bets that you want to make. Do this by clicking on the post of the board the represents your chosen bet.
  2. After placing of bets, the wheel is ready to be spun. In standard roulette, there is an unlimited period of time to place bets. Those engaging live dealer roulette though have a time limit to place their bets.
  3. Click the “spin” button or wait for the live dealer to do it. Look out for and watch the ball which will be revolving around the wheel.
  4. Wait for the ball to come to a stop and hope that you get the win.

There are many types of Roulette. The three main types are American Roulette; European Roulette; and French roulette. The differences between all three are in the betting style and odds distribution.

American Roulette

This is distinguished from the other types of the game by the double 00 on the wheel. This reduces a player’s chances of winning; something a player should consider when choosing the style of roulette to use in play. Money is lost when a player makes an even money bet and the ball stops on 0 or 00.

However, online American roulette offers more combinations that make the game exciting. The numbers placed on the wheel table in American roulette are in pairs that are opposite one another. On the other hand, European figures are placed randomly throughout without any rules or alignment. The American version of roulette allows for the implementation of a few roulette strategies.

European Roulette

This type of roulette has only a single zero, which gives the player favourable odds for winning a bet. In European Roulette, you can stake a bet on the numbers 1-36. The European Roulette odds are very easy to calculate; the player can do this by multiplying your bet by your overall odds. Another advantage is the fact that you can place a range of different betting types. You can bet on if the winning number is going to be even or uneven, red or black, part of a particular group of numbers, etc. With this the game is more interesting and helps players choose the best roulette strategy.

French Roulette

This differs from all the other types of roulette due to the table layout. French Roulette provides the lowest house advantage compared to other variations of the game. It is played on the standard European wheel which has the feature of 36 numbers and a single 0. Normal wheel tables have the figures 1-36 committed in black and the 0 green; but in French Roulette, the single zero is featured exclusively. The figures seen on the French table are white.

The numbers on the French table are located in different groupings, this distinguishes it from the European version. Looking at the table, the layout will not be the same. So, in terms of the groupings, while your betting options might be similar, the numbers contained therein will change. Finally, the position for outside betting is different. With the French variation, the outside betting field is actually split in half and it’s located along both sides of your table layout, so you can bet with that screen after you deposit for bonuses and special offers. When you look at the French table it will have French and English translations available for the sections such as odd or even. (

Rules of Roulette

Various rules that apply to the game of roulette are seen below:

European Roulette Rules

Chips that have color are used to differentiate players. At each turn, after all bets have been placed the croupier stops the betting, spin the wheel table and get the ball rolling in the opposite direction. The ball will eventually come to a stop, the croupier calls the result, takes all the losing bets, and gives the winner their profit.

‘En Prison’ Rule

This rule applies to even money bets only. At the turn-up of a zero, two options are presented to the player:

  1. You can claim half of the bet and forfeit the other half.
  2. Allow the bet to continue for the next wheeltable spin, basically playing win all or lose all. If on the next spin the ball lands on zero again or does not match up to the imprisoned bet, the entire bet is lost. If it does match the imprisoned bet, then the player won.

‘ La Partage’ Rule

Similar to the en prison rule is the la Partage’ Rule, the only difference being that the player has no option when a zero turns up and loses half the bet.

North American Roulette Rules

The Caribbeans and North America have wheel tables that have a double zero. When a zero turns up all bets are lost; except for when a direct bet was placed on the zero. It leads to poorer odds for the player and a larger cut for the casino. The rules and regulations are similar to the European Roulette rules, except here the double 00 works in the same way the single 0 does.

An additional bet is known as the “basket bet” is allowed in some casinos in America. Bets are staked by putting chips in the way you would for a line bet placed on the outside of the dividing line; between the row that has 0 and that of 1, 2 and 3. The bets usually play out 6 to 1, which makes the odds not much better than those of other roulette.

Tips to Win Roulette Online Australian Style

To play roulette more seriously, making use of strategies that help the player win and make the most of the game is essential. Improve your gaming no matter the style of roulette; some key tips are:

  1. Get to know the rules

A person might be really keen on knowing how to play roulette online, getting to know the rules and regulations of the game is really vital. It will help the player to make a success out of it and increase their odds of winning as they go further along. Online casino roulette presents several different betting options to select from and gives players the opportunity to place multiple bets. Getting learned and improving your knowledge about this will help a player when they begin their roulette journey with real money. It will do a player a lot of good and help in making informed decisions.

  1. Learn bankroll management

Playing roulette using real money, you have to make sure your bankroll is maximized at all times. This means you need to pick games that have the right stake levels. You also have to come up with a plan for your winnings, and place your bets on the right level to further maximize your money’s value. Also, don’t forget to keep your bets balanced to make sure you have a higher chance of earning rewards.(

  1. Choose the right bonuses

The bonuses that are offered by casinos gives way for players to engage in their favorite roulette game for free with extra cash that is deposited into their accounts. The bonuses are open to all players, with various types to choose from. They include welcome bonuses, match bonuses, no deposut bonuses, reloads, and lots more. Before you commit to a specific bonus however, make sure you grasp the rules and ensure that the bonus applies to the roulette games and not just the online pokies.

Australian Players Top Real Money Roulette Casinos

A number of factors are taken into account when choosing the best online roulette casinos for Aussie players.

  1. Are all roulette variations available?
  2. Are live roulette games offered by the casino?
  3. Is there adequate security in place for the online casino?
  4. Can plays use AUD (Australian Dollar) to make deposits?

The casinos should be able to answer these questions before players can make their choice. Right answers are important in providing a good gaming experience for roulette players. Below are tips for players to consider when choosing the right online roulette casino:

  1. Ensure the casino is reputable: since you are going to be dealing with real money, you should look for a casino that is discrete and reputable. Ensure the casino has been licensed, regulated and approved by international gaming bodies.
  2. Check if the regulations for wagering are reasonable: bonuses are offered as a means of attracting new and old players to casinos. However, the catch is that the wagering requirement that must be met come with these bonuses. While some are reasonable, there are those that are almost entirely impossible to meet. Ensure you check the requirements before going for such bonuses.
  3. Determine if their gaming experience is immersive: you will want to ensure that the gaming experience is as immersive as possible as physical money is being played for. Ensuring that the online casino gives you the player the same experience as the real-life casino goes a long way. Choose a casino that offers the best roulette system.
roulette chips and cards
1. What is the game roulette?
Roulette is a game of gambling or wagering bets that involves a revolving wheeltable, a small ball and numbers that are on coloured compartments. It involves players making a bet on the figure the ball will stop on when the wheel stops spinning.
2. What is the safest type of bet in roulette?
The even-money bet is the safest type of bet in roulette.
3. What is the best way to win roulette?
Having a simple roulette strategy and knowing the rules of the game is one of the best strategy to win the game of roulette. Being informed is very vital.
4. Can online roulette be rigged?
No. There is a high probability that if you access the best sites that are licensed by gaming bodies then you shouldn't be scared of being cheated.
5. What are the best sites to play online roulette in Australia?
People can play online roulette Australia at Ozwin casino, Fair Go, Raging Bulls, Uptown Pokies and others.