Your Guide To Online Keno

Keno doesn’t have as much attention as it should because, in our opinion, a game like this should be more popular. You will get a huge shot of endless excitement which would leave you craving more. Keno gives gambling online a lot of freedom and you have room for a lot of decision making.

Over the years, it is gradually getting more attention and the population of keno play online is increasing. Gamblers who played it physically are moving to the online variant and it is understandable.

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Variations of Keno Bet

Perhaps you don’t know how to play or you feel that you are not good enough, hold on. This article is your best guide to playing online keno. We will take a deep dive into how to play keno and ways you will excel at it. Enjoy!

How Does Keno Work?

Keno is a game of numbers and learning to play is not difficult. You need to first pick 10 numbers. Some other variants permit you to pick up to 20 numbers; it is up to you. You are required to input the numbers into your playing space. Although casino websites help you with that when you select your numbers.

When your numbers are set, it is time to decide how much to wager. Online casinos give you the liberty to choose your amount. Keep in mind that the gambling rule remains the same for online keno in australia; the higher your wager, the higher your potential returns.

When you place the wager, the site prompts you to specify the number of draws or games you would love to play. Whatever amount you wager is only valid per draw so factor in your bankroll before you make a choice.

The game draws 20 random numbers; any one of them that matches your initial 10 picks are counted as a win for you. It’s that easy!

Many players worry about the probability of being cheated however it is not possible if you gamble in a regulated casino. They make use of Random Number Generators to guarantee a fair and square game. Licensed and regulated games have been verified by auditing companies like eCOGRA that makes sure that events are truly random.

Rules that Govern Every Game of Keno

It is very easy to get distracted by the overwhelming simplicity of keno let’s play. Always remember the rules:

  • Before the game begins for you to play keno online, you are asked to pick numbers for 80 possible choices. Some online casinos permit 10 picks, which others allow 20. You pick beyond the casino numbers; it is their game and their rules;
  • You cannot change your wagering amount after the draw begins. No matter how much or little the number matches after the draw, you are not allowed to change your wager size on a draw that has occurred. Any changes you make will be on a new game;
  • Maximum and minimum bets apply when you play keno online. Online casinos also have rules of maximum and minimum bets in their game of keno. It varies depending on the brand but you cannot exceed the lower and upper limits;
  • Risk to reward applies to your keno wins. The higher your stake, the more your payouts. If you wish to win bigger, you have to wager more. However, do it responsibly.

Keno is simple but betting options also exist in the game. If you wish to win more, going for other betting options may be the best choice:

Straight Ticket

Straight ticket is the most simple option you can choose and players love it for this reason. With straight ticket, you only need to make your picks, choose your wager limit and start the draw. It is the most basic and also very suitable for newbies. Due to its simplicity, the payouts are not so large.

Split Ticket

Split ticket is very similar to the straight variant but in this case, you have 2 sets of picks. If your casino allows 10 picks, then you are picking two groups of 10s. Both picks apply to the same card but at the same time, it is two separate draws. In this case, draws are simultaneous.

Combination Ticket

Combination ticket implies making several straight bets but in one ticket. In this case, the draws are not simultaneous; you have separate draws for each game on the ticket. While it is very rewarding, it also depends on your risk appetite. If you select too many straight bets, you could lose the whole ticket if one fails.

Way Ticket

Way ticket is for the advanced players. It is an option that opens you to make all your decisions on your own. Way ticket allows you to combine many options into one ticket. You decide the number of bets and the number of draws. Most times, way ticket doesn’t work with the casinos’ default system; you make all the picks.

King Ticket

The name hints that this option is for the high rollers. It is a high risk, high win option that brings in big wins. Rather than making 10 or 20 picks, the king ticket opts for you to pick only one number; hopefully one of the most common keno numbers. Online casinos call it the king number and it is your choice. Your king number must be drawn for you to win. Although the odds of landing one number may be a bit slim, that is why the reward is usually massive.


Keno is arguably the simplest casino game you can choose to play online. As simple as it comes, you also need to know the rules and how it works to play keno online for money. If not, you will find yourself frustrated over losses. This guide provides the best insight for you on the game; it is your time to shine!

Can I win real money playing keno online?
Yes, you play keno online for real money. The game demands that you play with your real cash, so your wins are also real.
Are the numbers drawn truly random?
Yes, the numbers drawn per game are random. Online casinos use Random Number Generator to make sure your win is purely based on probability.
Can I win 100% of the time in keno?
No, it is impossible to win all the time in keno. The game is based purely on probability, so you get a random distribution of wins.