All You Need To Know About Pokies

Pokies is one of the most popular games in online and brick & mortar casinos. Players from Australia love it because of the ease and winning probability. The games are also available 24/7.

There are other names such as poker machine, slot machine, but it goes by pokies in Australia. It is arguably the most common casino game in the region. Many gamblers play it often; they realize the great potential that these fruit machines hold. Some others want to join but are unable because they don’t have enough knowledge.

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Terms and Terminologies in Online Pokies

Whichever category you fall into, this article is for you. We present a step-by-step breakdown of Australian online pokies in casinos. You will learn the rules, guidelines, and many more. Let’s go!

Closer Look at How Pokies Work

Online pokies work uniquely. Whatever title you play operates with Random Number Generator; it implies that you get an independent result every time you play. Your past results are independent of your future outcomes, so it is a fair game.

There are thousands of possible outcomes, so the game depends solely on probability. You cannot use tricks or hacks to win more or bigger. Anyone who guarantees you a 100% win rate with tricks is only trying to rip you off.

For each second, there are thousands of probabilities, and it keeps changing. This endless loop continues 24/7, giving players a fair pokies game. This random distribution logic goes on behind those interesting themes and intriguing titles.

None of the best online pokies australia come with a memory feature. They cannot detect that you’ve been on a winning streak and specifically give you a loss. Every spin and event is independent of the previous ones you make. Understanding this concept will help you play better.

Here is a quick summary of how to view pokies:

  • Every online pokies real money are random irrespective of your casino;
  • For each second, there is a random distribution between thousand of probability;
  • Winning is solely based on probability and not tricks;
  • Every spin is independent of each other because the machines have no memory feature.

To play poker machines free games, you need to understand specific terms. Such terms often come repeated in any pokies title you play.


You could see coins as in-game money. If you want to place any wager within any real online Pokies, you use coins and not direct money. The coin size is the exact amount spent on spinning in any game.

For each game, there is usually a maximum and minimum limit to your coin size. Most times, the minimum is around one cent, while the maximum usually varies.


Paylines refers to the adjacent combination of icons or symbols that you must see to win in a game. Paylines vary depending on the game; most are usually between 5 and 100.

Paylines come in two different forms, diagonal or horizontal. Coin size determines how small or large the game payline will be; to distinguish the payline, you will find the line cutting through the symbols on separate reels.

If an australian pokies comes with 40 pay lines and you choose to bet two 2 dollars per spin, this implies $0.05 for each line. You can derive this number by dividing your bet amount by the payline.

Minimum Bet

You will find it written in the game as min. The minimum bet is the least amount that any player can stake on a spin.No player determines this number; it also varies depending on the pokies online real money australia you are playing.

Low-risk gamblers are always keen to know the minimum bet of any game they want to play. It is also advisable for beginners to start with it and start to work their way up.

Maximum Bet

A maximum bet, also called max, is the exact opposite of a minimum bet. It is, in turn, the highest amount you can stake on a spin. It also varies depending on the title you are playing, but it is not uncommon to see it at 5 coins.

Knowing the max limit is crucial because you need to play max bet in every progressive game. Playing big fetches you a bigger jackpot.


Autoplay is like setting the game to handsfree mode; we also call it auto-spin. It gives you the exact amount of spin that plays when you use this automatic feature. If you are a gambler that hates having to press spin repeatedly, this is your best option.

Best online pokies allow setting the amount of autoplay you want. You can always find the option in the game’s settings with the toggle on and off button.


Before playing any particular pokies, you need first to check the paytable. It encapsulates everything you will ever need for that specific game, like the symbols and their respective winning values. Some of the game rules are always on the table sometimes.

Symbols and their Values

Everyone knows that symbols make up the best paying online pokies australia. No matter the theme, paylines or gaming mechanism, there must be symbols. These symbols are not mere images of fruits as we commonly view them. Each symbol represents a value.

Depending on the number of appearances of a symbol, your payout may increase or decrease. However, one thing is sure; the higher the number of appearances, the more the payout. If you wish to know the payout per specific payout, refer to the game’s paytable. Let’s take a look at a broad classification of the symbols:

Wild Symbol

Wild symbols are every typical winning symbol you see in pokie games. Getting a combination of them rakes in good rewards. We could easily refer to them as the lease symbols in the game. However, they do a great job serving as multipliers for your prizes anytime you get a perfect combination.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols, unlike the wild ones, are more critical in real money slot machines. They carry the most value and give the most payouts when you get a good combination. You will find them very useful for multipliers; some online pokies use scatters as activators for free spins and bonus rounds. Landing a perfect combination of scatters usually pays out bountifully.


Every player looks out for multipliers in real pokie machines, and they love it. As the name implies, it multiplies your rewards, which could be coins or free spins. If you get a 5x multiplier and a 50 coin reward, the payout becomes 250 coins. Scatters play an essential role in getting multipliers as they can span to 25x.

Bonus Rounds

Take a bonus round as an extra free game that comes at the end of your regular play. Bonus rounds are usually fun and juicier than normal ones because they come with tons of extras. In bonus rounds, you get to win more than usual and possibly win more bonus rounds. The format, playing style and rewards of bonus rounds is not generic as it varies depending on which title you play.

Free Spins

Free spins come as a bonus where you don’t pay a dime for spinning. Different casinos and online pokies vary in how they offer free spins. More times than often, you will usually get free spins as a signup bonus with a new online gambling platform. They could also come as rewards from certain symbols; check the paytable to be sure.

Standard Rules that Govern Every Game of Pokies

Pokies come in various titles and designs from several gaming providers. Each title comes with specific rules on how to win on pokies australia. However, we have here some rules common to every title. It doesn’t substitute the particular game rules, so read the developer rules for whichever game you play.

  • To win, the symbols must be adjoining each other: This is the most basic rule for most games. You need to get the symbols aligning with each other. To be sure about the reward for the number of the corresponding alignment, refer to the paytable;
  • Right to Left or Left to RIght: This arrangement is the pay way of any game. You cannot be sure because it continuously varies. Read the specific rule of payout for the title to be sure of the pay way.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Online Pokies

Everyone has their preference on what their real money slots should be like. Although they all present the same winning probability, some factors make the game feel better. Here is how to pick a winning pokie machine:

  • Game Theme: Online pokies come in varying themes and colors. It is the primary distinction between these games. The most popular theme is fruits; others include pirates, finishing, vegas, wildlife, and many more. While the theme doesn’t affect your winning probability, it significantly makes the game interesting;
  • In-Game Bonuses: Bonuses that you get while playing is a significant consideration. Players love to earn rewards and special offers. Everyone wants the best paying pokie machines with bonus rounds, free spins, great multipliers, and scatter symbols. Checking the paytable would enlighten you before playing no deposit online pokies;
  • Graphics and Gaming Mechanism: These features deal more with the overall gameplay. Online pokie games have evolved so much that we now have 3D games. It is always good to try out innovations; they make the game better. Gaming mechanism deals with the fluidity of graphics and gameplay. Games with better mechanisms have everything smooth and lag-free;
  • Paylines: Everyone plays best online pokies australia real money to make a profit. Beneath the fun and quest for excitement, everyone wants to gain more. Higher paylines contribute to more winnings, so players prefer them.

Irrespective of the features, it all depends on personal preferences. If you don’t know what you prefer, try each of them out and find what suits you because online pokies win real money.


Pokies remain the most popular online gambling game for numerous reasons. Most importantly, it is easy for anyone to understand. Newbies that take a close look at the paytable would quickly grasp the features and concepts of the game. This article provided all you need to know about playing online pokies; it is up to you to use it efficiently!