Understanding Online Craps

Crap is a dice casino game, overwhelmed with simplicity. It has been existent for ages in physical form but online casinos bring it excitingly. If you already play craps in your brick and mortar craps casino, playing it online is not much different.

This dice game is one of the most played in its class. This is because of the winning potential that it presents. First-time players always look at the craps table in a seemingly overwhelming way. After learning the game, they attest that it is not complicated

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Don't Come or Come Bets

If you are in such a category and you don’t like how clustered the table looks, things are set to change for you. This article is your best crap guide. You will learn and familiarize yourself with how to play craps. Let’s go!

How Does Online Craps Work?

The main concept behind the craps casino game is rolling two dice. Casinos often refer to the person that rolls the dice in the craps simulator as a shooter. When you as a shooter roll the dice, there are 3 probable results that you can get:

  • Craps: This result is not good and it implies that you lost and gave to roll again. Crap is when you land a 12, 3, or 2. Regular gamblers often call 2, snake eyes. Landing craps doesn’t necessarily mean you have lost the craps game;
  • Natural: Natural is the most preferred outcome among gamblers. Landing an 11 or a 7 is what we call natural. If you hit these numbers, it implies that you have won; not the whole game but that round. You also have an opportunity to roll again;
  • Point: Point is any other number aside from the naturals and craps. Numbers that fall into this category are 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, and 4. Landing points doesn’t mean you win or lose; you have another opportunity to roll again. On your second attempt, the sum of the dice combination must give the same point number you had on the first attempt. If you can land such, victory is yours!

In points, no player wishes to get a 7 because it means a loss. Rolling a 7, termed as an evening out!

Types of Betting Options in Craps

Knowing the numbers to land for a win isn’t enough. There is more to rolling dice in craps and it is quite evident on the table. You will see several partitions on the table when you play craps online; they are for betting options:

Pass or Don’t Pass Bets

You will see it inscribed on the table as don’t pass line and pass line. For the ‘Don’t Pass Line’, it implies that you stake on the outcome that the shooter will fail to pass the line. Most times, it occurs when the shooter aims for a 3 or 2 and winds up with a 7.

Pass Line is the exact opposite of the former. In this case, you stake on the outcome that the shooter will land a natural to earn the win. You use this option when you feel certain that the shooter will end up with some points at least before landing a 7.

Anytime you place either pass line or don’t pass line and the shooter lands a 12, it is a neutral position called a push. You don’t lose the bet, neither do you win.

The catch for these two options is that the game point mustn’t be set before you place them. If the points are set, you will have to opt for other options.

If the points for the game are already set and you can’t play either of the pass bet variants, this is another option to turn to. You can only stake with don’t come or come bet when the points are set for the game.

In come bet, you are betting on the outcome of landing a natural. If it lands, you win. If it rolls out to points, they term it as come bet point. If it results in Craps, it is a loss.

When you land a come bet point, you have an opportunity to stake on points again. If the next toss lands on points, victory is yours! If it is a 7, it is a loss.

Don’t Come bet is the opposite scenario. When you use this option, you are staking on the most probable scenario of the shooter landing a 3 or 2. If it is 11 or 7, you lose. 12 is also a neutral position where you don’t win or lose. Instead, you push: getting another attempt.

If it lands on points, then you get another shot, hoping that it rolls to points again. If the second attempt gives a 7, it is a loss.

Prop Bets

Proposition bets like many other casino games also apply to free online Craps. Prop bets don’t have many restrictions, you can stake it any time. Props involve predicting the outcome of what the shooter rolls. There are several variations of prop bets:

  • Aces: Staking on a 2;
  • Ace Deuce: Staking on a 3;
  • Any Craps: Wagering on the roll of either 12, 3 or 2;
  • Any Seven: Predicting a 7;
  • Boxcars: Staking on a 12;
  • Horn: Betting the shooter’s roll to be either 12, 11, 3 or 2.

Prop bets are overwhelmingly simple and gamblers tend to use them a lot.

Field Bet

The field bet is a simple one where to wager on the outcome of the shooter roll to be either 12, 11, 10, 9, 4, 3, 2. Field bet is only valid for one roll unlike the others and it is a loss if it rolls either 8, 7, 6, or 5.

Mastering Craps

Now, you know how to play casino craps and the betting options. There is no other way to master craps casino games than a practice. If you don’t want to wager game real cash, you will find online casinos that offer a demo.

Can I win real money playing online Craps?
Yes, you can win real money. If you are staking real money, then all your wins are also free casino money.
Is it possible to avoid losing when playing Craps?
Gambling works with probability so you cannot always win. If you employ good strategies you will be in net profit.
Is my winning probability high in Craps?
Yes, Craps has a lower house edge and you have more chances of winning over the likes of blackjack and roulette.