Live Dealer Games

Gambling started in a brick and mortar setting where players had to visit; now, online casinos have fully evolved. You get full physical casino experience from your home.

live casino games make it possible. They are your regular casino games in an online form. However, rather than playing with Random Number Generator and Artificial Intelligence, you play with real dealers.

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What Game Providers Provide Live Dealer Games?

With the help of cameras and microphones, they replicate casinos and bring them to your screens. Gamblers who want to play live casino games online only need a gadget with a good internet connection.

While many gamblers are catching up with the trend of live dealer titles, some are yet to join. Others have heard of it but don’t know how it works. Whatever category you find yourself in, this article is for you. We would extensively cover how they work. Let’s move!

How Do Live Dealer Games Work?

How is it possible for you to play titles with real dealers from your home? Technology makes this possible!

Dealers are in a well-designed room to suit the theme of the titles. You will also find cameras at different angles so you get a full scope of any occurrence. You can communicate with your dealer with a chatbox available on the screen.

When it is time for you to take action, necessary options come up on your screen with prompts to pick an option. With a perfect connection, everything is always fluid!

What Types of Live Dealer Games Do Online Casinos Offer?

What makes any live internet casino a force to reckon with is its variations. They were able to design the most popular cards and table games to work live. Here are the several types of real live casino games you can play:

  • Roulette;
  • Casino Hold’em;
  • Baccarat;
  • Blackjack;
  • Sic Bo;
  • 3 Card Poker;
  • Poker.

Why Should You Play Live Dealer Games?

Some may be sceptical about playing live dealer titles. We pooled together some of the benefits that you stand to enjoy from them:

24/7 Availability

Physical casinos don’t give the liberty of gambling every time because you need to comply with working hours. However, live dealer titles help you to scale through. Are you craving some midnight action, simply log into your live online casino account.

Real Casino Experience

Players prefer the real live dealer casino experience over playing with AI. Live dealer breaches the gap and provides a perfect balance between online and real casinos. It’s like being in a real casino from your home. It becomes more interesting when you find out that you can interact with other players when you play live casino online.

Minimal Waiting Time

Waiting in a land-based casino can be annoying at times. Too many players in land-based establishments causes prolonged waiting time. Dealer gaming is the perfect fix if you are tired of waiting; within a few minutes, you have a staff with you.

Fair and Square

When you play regular online games, although there is RNG to make sure it is fair, some casinos still exploit players. Especially if you are playing in an unverified casino, they could tweak the rounds to favor the house. However, with live dealer titles, there is no such thing as RNG. You have the assurance that all your wins and moves are purely based on luck and probability.

More Attention to Details

Physical casinos tend to easily distract you. There is chatter, noise, people walking around, and many other distractions. However, live dealer titles provide a permanent and quick fix if you would love a distraction-free experience. It feels as if you are in a VIP section because you determine your playing location. When distraction is less, you pay more attention to details and it greatly helps your results.

Comfort and Convenience

No one can deny the comfort and convenience that live dealer titles present because it is unmatchable. You get to control and choose everything that happens in your surroundings and that is a big deal. Convenience is needed to keep a straight head to play live casino. You may notice that players who use this may perform slightly better than those who visit physical casinos. The simple explanation is the convenience advantage.

Providers that offer
Live dealer casino games are not common. It takes a lot of attention and effort because of the camera setup, availability, games, and staff. Certain providers are leading the movement:

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is dubbed as king of live dealer games. Unlike many other providers, they specialize in these live games and nothing more. If you visit a casino website with an evolution gaming provider, you are in for a good time. Their software and video solutions are unbeatable. Their multi-platform availability gives them an extra edge in the industry because you can play their titles on your mobile devices.


Microgaming is another well-known developer at large. They offer several casino gaming varieties and live dealer games are among them. Microgaming built a good reputation for themselves in other online casino games so they easily won our trust. Their stability and consistency in the industry speak for themselves.


Playtech is another innovative casino that saw live dealer games and invested in it. In their earlier years, they dealt with normal games but gradually evolved to live ones. They bring a better dimension with it to include Sic Bo in their gaming portfolio.


Net Entertainment is another provider that isn’t far from the lips of gamblers. NetEnt took their fame and accountability to the next level with the provision of live dealer games. It is an amazing innovation and more casinos are beginning to integrate their solutions.

Can I win real money with live dealer games?
Yes, winning live casino games online fetches you real profits. Since you wager your cash, you get to earn more.
Is there a live dealer demo?
Sadly, you won’t find any live dealer demo titles. Demo is considered a waste of time for dealers.
Are there live dealers for other languages?
English is the primary language but you will find some casinos that offer several language options.